Organic Aloe Vera Leaves & Plants

Do you know what Alexander the great, Cleopatra and Columbus have in common?

Both Cleopatra and Nefertiti greatly valued the nourishing Aloe vera juice and used it as a part of their daily skin and beauty care. Even the dead were embalmed with Aloe vera to benefit  from its powerful virtues.

It is documented that Alexander the Great employed it to take care of his warriors wounds (356 - 323 B.C.). Alexander went to the extent of having transportable carts of planted Aloe vera for practical reasons in order to have fresh supplies at the ready during his numerous battle campaigns.

New worlds were discovered with the aid of Aloe vera, Christopher Columbus was known to have Aloe Vera growing in plant pots on his armada of ships and the plant was used for various applications for his mercenaries.

Source: Aloe Medical Group International